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Article is not only a powerful module to enable post and manage articles, but also provides total solutions for content management. Content such as articles, news, announcements, product catalogs, etc can be organized into unlimited levels of categories. There are ten modules to provide rich and attractive look and feel experiences. New content can be moderated before published. The administrator can assign roles as moderator. Also an email can be sent when new content is added. Visitors can make comment and rating. Of cause it supports common features of DotNetNuke module such as localization, portable interface, search, Syndication etc.

Role based submission

  • Administrators can assign roles who can submit content.
  • Administrators can assign roles who can moderate content.
  • Content can be reviewed by moderators before published.
  • Content can be approved automatically.
  • Authorized users can submit and manage their own articles in Users Article sub module.

Role based view permissions

  • Administrators can define view permissions of article modules, categories and articles.
  • Authors can define view permissions of their own articles.
  • Article view permission will override categories view permission.
  • View permission check can be in article list or article view. That means you can allow unauthorized users to view article list or not.

Content organization

  • All contents are organized by category.
  • It supports sub categories. You can create sub categories as many as you want.
  • An icon can be set for each category.
  • The article category sub module can show categories in tree view.
  • An article can be assign to more than one category.
  • A category sub module can display categories in any page you want.
  • You can define tags and assign an article to several tags.
  • Tags can be shown in Tag Cloud sub module.

Attached Files

  • Authors of an article can attach files.
  • View permissions of attached files can be set.
  • The URL of attached files can be set to hide for security reason.
  • The upload path of attached files can be set.


  • You can enable pagination and set page size for main DNNArticle module and Article List sub module.


  • You may specify whether users can leave comments or rating for an article.
  • The comments can be reviewed by administrators before published.
  • The comments can be auto approved and published.
  • It can filter harmful code such as JavaScript in comments.
  • You can set email notification of new comment.

Article Search

  • There is a sub module for searching articles. The display template of search result can be defined.

Article List

  • There is a sub module to display article list. By using it, an Article can appear in multiple places within your site. The display template can be defined.

Article Slider

  • Article Slider is a sub module to make a slideshow out of articles on your page. Users can manually select a content to see or have them rotated automatically. Pagination links let the user quickly pick a content to show.

Tabbed Content

  • Tabbed Content is a sub module to display articles as tabbed type. Users can manually select a content to see or have them rotated automatically.
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Article Archive module

  • Show archived articles by month or by year.

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