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DocuWare 5 is our flagship product for document management and electronic storage of all your documents. DocuWare is available in 13 languages and has been installed over 6,000 times with tens of thousands of users worldwide. Complete function range, modest implementation, administration and operation costs, high integration ability and document security are only some of its features.

DocuWare 5 server is available in three different server editions. The editions differ in their range of features and are designed to meet varying business requirements: 


BUSINESS Server is tailored for use in smaller companies confined to one location. BUSINESS Server provides all the basic features required for a functioning document management system. 

PROFESSIONAL Server is the ideal platform for small and medium-sized businesses and departmental solutions in large companies. Important additional features compared to BUSINESS Server include file cabinet synchronization, the integration of LDAP, Active Directory and domain directories, as well as the option to extend the functionality through additional modules.

The range of features has been extended still further in ENTERPRISE Server, enabling the highest standards of data and failover safety to be met with DocuWare. Several servers can be interconnected and the efficient load balancing allows load to be distributed evenly across all servers. With the option to store documents in encrypted form and switch to a high security level, ENTERPRISE Server satisfies even the strictest security requirements


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Basic Features of Document Management
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Filing Accounts Payable Invoices
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Electronic Invoice Authorization
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Filing of Electronic Documents
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DocuWare Web Client Features
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Our Document Management System offers many of additional add-ons that provide scalability and the ability to customize a document management system to meet individual needs.

Add-On Modules

Web Client


Web-Based Document Management with Maximum Comfort
Whether you‘re on the move, in field sales, at your home office or on your office workstation - you can access many standard DocuWare functions directly via your Web browser. Thanks to the latest Web 2.0 technologies, finding and distributing documents and workflow management is as fast and convenient as with Windows programs. At the same time, administration is much simpler too
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Active Import


Storing E-mail and Files: Automatic - Simple - Organized
ACTIVE IMPORT monitors selected folders in Outlook and the file directory, then stores all e-mails and documents that it finds there in DocuWare’s central document pool. ACTIVE IMPORT works in the background to automatically file your e-mails and ensure the seamless integration of network scanners.



Index Automatically Using Barcode and Text Recognition
RECOGNITION gives you the power to file documents in DocuWare even more quickly by capturing index criteria from a document’s contents. Texts are read by RECOGNITION with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or from pre-defined zones via barcodes. A broad palette of configuration possibilities make RECOGNITION a multi faceted tool.



Index archived documents automatically from external data source
Many of the documents you need to archive will already have existing categorization criteria and search words in the IT system. DocuWare AUTOINDEX retrieves this data and adds it automatically to the file cabinet as index terms, eliminating the need for manual input.



Speed Up Your Workflow
Quick and direct access to current documents is guaranteed with CONTENT-FOLDER. The document-based information flow in your company is revved up with the help of CONTENT-FOLDER, improving all workflow processes. Idle phases and processing times are thereby significantly reduced.



Access Documents Directly Out of Accounting Programs, ERP and Other Applications
LINK lets you easily integrate documents filed in DocuWare within existing applications, such as an accounting or retrieval program. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can access all documents that belong to the current needs of your application – for example, the shipping documents belonging to an accounting record being processed.

DocuWare Request


Autonomous File Cabinets
DocuWare REQUEST stores any archive documents, including the convenient search and display function, to external media like DVDs, hard disks or USB sticks. This makes your file cabinets mobile and you are also backing them up for the long term archiving.



DocuWare READER for Displaying TIFF Files
You can look at DocuWare single and multi-page TIFFs with the DocuWare READER without having DocuWare software. When displaying DocuWare TIFF files, DocuWare READER automatically displays all overlays containing annotations made to the document with DocuWare document management software. It is also possible to display any added text notes made to the document. 



Archiving Spool Data
In companies, large volumes of documents and journals are output to a printer. COLD/READ transfers the spool files this creates for archiving in DocuWare 5. The documents contained in these files can be displayed true to their original format, given annotations and stamps, and then printed out.

Connect to SAP


Implementing digital archiving for SAP with DocuWare 
CONNECT to SAP connects DocuWare via a certified interface to the SAP ArchiveLink module, which is integrated in SAP NetWeaver. All document types and storage strategies from SAP and SAP data archiving are supported.

Connect to Notes


Using DocuWare to manage documents from Lotus Notes
CONNECT to Notes offers an easy and convenient method of archiving and organizing your Notes documents in DocuWare. It provides many additional options for managing your documents within Notes, and you can continue working with your archived Notes documents within DocuWare.

Connect to Ecopy


Connector for ShareScan® OP
Utilizing the functionality of eCopy to integrate paper documents into the workflow of critical business applications, users can - at the touch of a button - scan and send their documents to a DocuWare file cabinet of choice, fully indexed and immediately available for further action.

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