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All Windows® shared web hosting accounts are housed in our highly secure data centers. Now you're set with the latest Microsoft® technology with Windows® Server 2008 and Windows® Server 2003 64bit.

Our shared webhosting will offer you a free domain registration, multiple email accounts with high storage and will have special mailing features such as Shared Contacts, Shared Tasks, and Shared Calendars to make your office a work center without the need to install 3rd party software.


For: 155$/Year
    500 MB Storage
    15 GB Transfer
    1 Hosted Domain
    10 Emails
For: 205$/Year
    1 GB Storage
    25 GB Transfer
    1 Hosted Domain
    20 Emails
For: 260$/Year
    2 GB Storage
    2 GB Mail Storage
    50 GB Transfer
    1 Hosted Domain
    50 Emails
For: 355$/Year
    30 GB Storage
    8 GB Mail Storage
    250 GB Transfer
    1 Hosted Domain
    Unlimited Emails

Some points to mention:
Our servers are set on the highest standards with 99.9% uptime

  • Supported by an 8 processors 2.5GHz speed.
  • Supported by an 8GB Server RAM
  • All hard disks are implemented in an RAID environment where you data will be 100% secure from disasters
  • Protected from all hackers and attacks by using a dedicated Firewall System
  • Monitored 24 Hours per day, 7days a week/365 days a year
  • Daily Backup
  • Redundant power source
  • Redundant Email source

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