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Disadvantages of offering specialty escort services: Getting into escort service is like being in a new city. In the beginning, you only go to places you’re familiar with; trying to keep it “safe”. But as soon as you feel comfortable, you start exploring the new territories. DISADVANTAGES 1. Too spread, too thin We imply that spreading your las vegas strippers service to a wide range of customers might increase the earnings but it severely affects the performance. Again, it’s like what Samsung did. They have a wide range of products for everyone but they certainly don’t specialize in any one product and we can see the quality of their products (WORST). In your case, you are just distracting yourself by engaging in too many services when you should stick to one or two and make them perfect. And providing a lame service to your clients is nothing less than cheating. 2. Your decision affects all Being in the business for so long, you make a lot of regulars who became your regulars for a reason. Now that reason might be your performance or simply enjoy being with you but if you’ve ventured into other services your attention might very well have shifted towards your new high paying clients. Though it’s good that you have found new services to venture into but distracting from regular customers is a serious rookie mistake you should avoid at all points. And not to forget that regular clients can and will keep your income steady. 3. I don’t want to do or have this This one calls out to you and your self-esteem. By expanding the services you just expanded the list of people you will meet and this includes even those you really want to. Now you may want good looking, young clients who can pay you well – This is the ideal condition. With your new york nuru massage services you are inviting those too who are into seriously weird fetishes. These men can be good looking, charming or out outlandishly weird creeps. To top it all, they can’t even climax just through traditional ways. They may ask you to do things you didn’t think of and certainly don’t want to do it such as Dom but have to because you said you could. Keeping into regular, casual services cannot also give 100 percent guarantee of steering clear of weirdo’s but it still limits the possibility. You just simply can’t impress everyone, but what you can really do is find your own niche and ride your way through like a cowgirl.*No pun intended*


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